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About Educators Rising Nebraska


What is Educators Rising?

Educators Rising Nebraska provides high school students opportunities to explore teaching as a career. It helps students gain a realistic understanding of a teacher and the nature of education.

Who can belong to this energetic organization?

Any student who is enrolled in an Education Profession or Early Childhood Development class can join Educators Rising Nebraska. Here in Nebraska, Educators Rising is a crucial part of a successful Education Professions program. Fully supported by the Department of Education and a long-time partner of Career and Technical Education, Educators Rising Nebraska allows teachers to bring the classroom to the real-world.  Our trainings, conferences and resources make Educators Rising Nebraska a natural fit for a successful Education Professions program.

 Students who are enrolled in an Education and Training program of study or Early Childhood Development class are eligible for the benefits and opportunities of Educators Rising as a part of the total program delivery. 

Educators Rising will process your registration, create an invoice, receive your payment, and submit your membership for the state level.

State Membership Affiliation – State dues will be paid when registering on the national website. State dues are $10 per student and they are due November 1st. If you have questions or an issue making the deadline contact the state advisor, [email protected] 

In addition to state dues, National dues must be paid prior to the State Leadership Convention if a student is planning to participate in Educators Rising at either the state or national level.  Students who are not national members at the time of the state leadership convention  registration are not eligible to attend.  

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